How Steroid is used in Bodybuilding

You are probably asking yourself if you should use steroids or not, and you don’t know how much you should use or have no idea where to start. You not only want solid results, but also stay safe.

So, what do you do?


This will depend entirely on you and your conscience. But there are higher chances that you are going to do it and in this article, you will know how steroids are used in body building.

For starters, there three types of beginner steroid cycles that are known to add some great amount of mass and they are very safe.

Testosterone only- Cycle number one

Most beginners start at 500mg per week test cycle. To use testosterone, you need two, 10ml bottles of cypionate or testosterone enanthate. Test ‘’cyp’’ and ‘’E’’ are very safe to inject at least once per week, they are effective and convenient. In addition, testosterone is one of those compounds that cannot easily be manufactured by counterfeits.

Therefore, there is a higher chance that a person will get real results, unlike other exotic products on sale.

You also need to have 23 GAUGE/3ML/1 needles. These needles are easy and safe to use, and you can buy them online, if you can’t get them from your local store -different states have different laws.

To get started you need to inject about 2 cc’s, once per week for ten weeks. The best part to inject the steroid is into the butt cheek and the next week, the opposite butt cheek.

When you insert the needle, ensure that you pull it back at about an eighth of an inch, and if blood comes out, don’t inject the needles, because you have inserted in a vein, just re-inject the need in a different part.

The test takes around two week before it starts to work effectively and at that juncture, you will experience increases strength, high sex drive as well as increases sense of well-being. You may also experience some form of acne appearing on your face, but this should not cause any alarm, because the acne only appears for a short time.

Test DBOL- the cycle number two

For this procedure to work, you need 200 Dbol tabs. Each of these tabs should weigh 5mg each. Another option is to use 100Dbol with each tab weighing 10mg.

You can use tabs that weigh 5mg and use a split up. If you choose the 10mg tabs, you will need 2 ½ tabs per day, for forty days.

For better results, you should use Dbol together with 10mg of nolvadex per day. This will help you if you allergic to Dbol.

Deca-Dbol- cycle number 3

Deca and Dbol has been used for very many years. They are very efficient and safe to use. To use Deca/Dbol you need 200 tabs of Dbol, each tab should weigh 5mg. you also need 1/110cc of Deca.

For great results, use five tabs per day. You should split the solution and use it several times a day.