List of Common Steroids Used and Their Side Effects

With the challenge that most athletes face, it is very difficult to know who is abusing a performance enhancing drug. Therefore, it is wise to prepare and arm yourself with reliable information before it happens.

Almost every day, you hear news about famous athletes that have used steroids as a shortcut to achieve a competitive advantage over others. Seeing such role models using such negative routes seems fine and acceptable to so many people

What are performance enhancing products?

A drug is considered performance enhancing when it has the power to enhance sport performance, and when it can pose a serious health issue. While there is a long list of performance enhancing drugs, some of the common ones that many people use. These drugs are abused in high percentage are extremely dangerous.


This is the father of all stimulants, this drug increases stamina and alertness and stimulates the nervous system while reducing pain and fatigue. It is deadly. The British super star Tom Simpson died in 1967 as a result of using this stimulant. Amphetamine can cause heart attacks and arrhythmia.


This stimulant is favorite among athletes and has been banned in so many countries. EPO increases the flow of oxygen and red blood cells for more energy and power. This stimulant causes heart failure.

Human growth hormone

This hormone is found in the body and helps to boost the body levels. It also encourages quick recuperation and faster muscle growth. Many people use it as an anti-aging drug, but studies have found out that it can lead to diabetes, Hodgkin’s lymphoma as well as joint degradation


This one is different from anabolic steroids because it helps increase glucose production, reduce general inflammation and fast release of fatty acids, meaning they reduce illness and injury in training. This steroid has so many side effects including depression, anxiety and also gastrointestinal diseases such as colitis.


This stimulant is high in anabolic effects and less androgenic effects and it is slow compared to other steroids.

Nandrolone can cause kidney damage and thus kidney failure, increased blood pressure, heart and liver disease, impotence and extreme mood swings. Another problem is water retention. This means that muscle definition can hide behind a bloated body.


This is one of the top androgenic steroids and it is usually administered through injection. This stimulant has some negative side effects, continue usage of this drug can cause hair loss, acne, mood changes, shrinkage of the testicles and prostate enlargement.


This drug is available both as a tablet steroid and injectable steroid. Stanozolol has the potential to increase stamina and harden the body, increase muscle mass and is one of the most abused steroids in the US and UK.

Some of the common side effects of this stimulant is dry joints and flare ups, although it does not affect the hair, it damages the liver.

Warning signs include light colored stools, abdominal pains, unusual fatigue, dark colored urine as well as yellowing of the skin and nausea.