How Steroid is abused?

Steroids are usually used illegally to decrease fat, increase muscle, enhance body appearance and athletic performance. The steroids work by increasing the effects of testosterone within the body. The thing with steroids is that they can lead to serious fatal side effects.

In addition, steroids are very addictive and it is very easy for a person to go through withdrawal.

Why are steroid abused?

steroid abuse

Steroids are often used by athletes, body builders as well fitness experts who say that anabolic steroids give them the power they need to improve their body physic and performance.

In addition, those who work in professions that need enhanced strength, such as construction workers, body guards as well as law enforcement officers take these steroids.

Steroids are said to increase strength, aggressiveness and lean body mass. They also reduce recovery period between exercises, which makes it easy for trainers to work even harder and thus improving not only the strength, but also endurance.

However, there are those who are not athletes, but still take these steroids.

Where do people get steroids?

Healthcare providers may administer steroids to their patient for legal medical purposes such as breast cancer, loss of function of testicles, delayed puberty, low red blood cell count as well as debilitated conditions as a result of sickness or surgery.

Veterinarians also administer anabolic steroids to animals’ such as cattle, cats and dogs for medicinal purposes only.

How steroids are abused

Steroids that are used only for medical purposes are often administered in various ways such as through subcutaneous and intramuscular injection, pellet implantation inside the skin and by mouth.

The same procedures are used by steroid abusers. However, the most common form of steroid abuse is through injection and though oral use.

Those who abuse steroids can use the steroids up to 100 times the standard does of steroids. This include taking more than two steroids simultaneously. This is a common practice that is referred to as ‘’Stacking.’’

Most steroid abusers alternate periods from one month to five months in length of high steroid dosage with period of little dosage or none at all. This practice is known as ‘’Cycling’’.

Another type of steroid abuse is known as ‘’Pyramiding’’. It is a procedure where abusers use steroids slows, increasing the number of dosage with time until a point where they take excess steroids.

The dosage for steroids usually depend on the objective of the user. For instance, athletes take steroids only for a short period of time to achieve a set goal, and there are those who take them for a long period such as bodybuilders.

Steroids can remain in the body from a few days to several months and the effects also last for long.

Dangers of steroid abuse

Steroid abuse has become a global concern and many government bodies are now working extremely hard to make sure this issue is handled with great caution.

Steroid abuse has so many negative effects, some of the include high blood pressure, severe acne, fluid retention, jaundice and liver damage,  sexual and reproductive disorders as well as pregnancy complications.