Can Women take Steroids?

Well, as a woman, what can you achieve with steroids? There seems to be two sides of the story. Generally, people think that women who touch a loaded barbell will become ShelHulk overnight. People who have vast knowledge in exercise physiology know that this is nothing but nonsense. If you take a visit to any gym, it is quite evident that getting muscular for is not easy even for men.


There is a notion that women cannot grow much muscle, because they have less testosterone than men. Therefore, women are advised to get into the gym like men, but should not expect much from the workouts. On the other hand, people have questions about women and steroids. While steroids have become common for men, socially, there are tons of questions about the effects of anabolic steroids for women.

There has been a lot of misconceptions about the use of steroids by women. This is because the recreational use of these drugs has not been studied extensively. Countries such as Canada have banned the use of steroids, and for that matter the studies that show the effects of steroids on women is almost nil.

Steroids for women

When it comes to steroids, many women fear losing feminity. This is because steroids such as Clenbuterol and Avanar have high amounts of testosterone. Many people fear that women who use them will have high amounts of testosterone and thus affect their feminism.

The question still remains unanswered, because the number of women who use steroids instead of workouts is increasing significantly. The steroids for losing weight in women have become more popular on the stores than many realize.

Weight loss steroids for women

Both men and women worry that using steroids for weight loss my lead to deepening of voice in women, and excessive body hair growth. The steroids may also affect the menstrual cycle. Others argue that the steroids will take away the female features.

The thing is that, women can use steroids just like men, but a lot of steroid products are off limit to women because of the negative side effects they have. However, women can still use steroids to build muscle and reduce fat.

In the recent past, steroids were only popular among female bodybuilders, but today, men women supplement these drugs with workout.

Using steroids safely

The only way that women can use steroids safely, is through responsible use. This is the main problem that many men go through when using steroids. People who misuse or abuse steroid supplements are more likely to experience side effects that so many scientists and politicians are worried about.

Because of the structure of their genes, women need to use these steroids in a different way from men. To stop affecting the systems, women are more likely to depend on androgenic or weak steroids.


The bottom line is, women should use steroids, but they should opt for androgenic steroids. They should also use them in moderation.